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The Best and Worst Foods You Can Put in a Pressure Cooker

Foods That Should And Shouldn’t Be Cooked In A Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is one of the greatest inventions to ever grace the kitchen. It cooks food by using heated water to create steam and raise the temperature in the cooking chamber. The pressure is slowly released to make it possible for the cooker to be opened without injury. Many people get pressure cookers but aren’t sure what to put in them. Here are some ideas of what should and shouldn’t be cooked in a pressure cooker.

The usual food option for pressure cookers is meat. Due to the cooking process, meat that is put into a pressure cooker will be tender, juicy, and even more flavorful. A whole chicken can be roasted in the pressure cooker, and when it’s done, the meat will be so moist. Pot roasts, beef, and more will make great weekly or daily meals when pressure cooked. Not all meats have the same cooking time, so the cooking process must be adjusted per recipe.

Those who want to eat a little healthier will enjoy preparing vegetables in a pressure cooker. The vegetables can be placed inside of a steaming basket. Steaming is a better option for cooking vegetables because it allows the vegetables to retain nutrients that would otherwise be lost from boiling. It doesn’t take long for the vegetables to be perfectly cooked, and as with meat, some will cook a little faster than others.

The pressure cooker can even tackle the simple task of cooking eggs. The eggs are cooked on the steamer basket, and with a little water and around five minutes, the eggs will be perfectly hard boiled. For the softly boiled option, a minute less in cooking time will do. Even poached eggs can be made with the pressure cooker when the eggs stay in for about a minute.

One thing that people don’t often realize is that a pressure cooker can be used to make dessert. A perfect cheesecake can be made with a spring form pan placed into the pressure cooker. The size of the pressure cooker will determine what size pan can be used. The cheesecake takes half as much time to cook as it normally would when made in an oven.

Not all foods are a good fit for the pressure cooker. Noodles are a notoriously bad option for cookers because of what happens when they cook. While noodles are cooking, froth or foam can be produced. This will build up and clog the valve that is used to release pressure inside of the cooker. With no way for the pressure to escape, it will keep building inside of cooker until the cooker can’t take anymore and may potentially explode.

Foods become moister when used in a pressure cooker, which is why foods that are intended to be fried shouldn’t be used in them. This includes foods that have already been prepared beforehand and frozen. These foods will only become soggy from all of the steam in the cooker.

Great meals can be prepared with a better idea of what to put inside a pressure cooker. Not everything can be made with the cooker, but the things that can be excellent. See the best instapot reviews on our main site.